Breaking out the hand turkey in celebration of Thanksgiving.  


Dr. Girlfriend

I am doing a comic - someone ELSES comic!!!...(officially!) so until then, fanart will have to be it.  I can't help myself.



She was sick of all the dead beat guys.  Get it?  Get it?  Too vague?
After her break up, she had to piece herself together again?  No?
She had a monster of a headache?  She worried about a matter of grave importance?
Someone needs to call the pun police.


Not quite headless

Hes' a pretty hard core shopper.  Waiting for a sale, and then double dipping with coupons. 

(hour long project, fo sho')


Shark + the Narwhale

Aquatic brothers show some love (in my moleskine).

the scan really washed this out.  the bastard.


Jeepers Creepers!

Nearly haunted house?  Or just naughty housekeepers?


It's always sunny

One of Matty + I's projects.  The messenger.  See illustration version here.  I am not a religious person at all, but this seemed appropriate.  And whatever, I love the little monk hair cuts.  They make me laugh through my nose. 

p.s. its not letting me save it so you can click it.  so you can't see the bee.  there is a bee.  its true.


say wha?

I have been working on a lot of process work for the Alice project, and thus, most (if not all) of it will not be worthy of showing on here.  Plus I am both painting and working on freelance stuff so I don't have time for fun stuff.  Oye.


Storm's a brewin'

I think I might be too random for my own good.  Or any good...to be any good? (it makes sense to me.)  
Here is my first attempt at speed painting.  I thought, hey, I have alot of environments that need to get done for Alice so why not try to learn?  It is a sad attempt.  I will post anyway (for the sake of the children).   Also, really tiny it doesn't look as bad.  I spent an hour and 10 minutes on it...does that still make a speed painting or does it need to be like 20 minutes? cause if so I am totally screwed.

The Queen of Heart's City.


Bucket of curmudgeony

That is what he totally is.  This is another assignment of Matty and I's "projects"-this one is to design a ringmaster (and also the dancing bear).  This is pretty straightforward.  See the dancing bear{s} here.  

He'll cut a bitch.


Curiouser and curiouser

Alice turn around.  Redone for the new style, holmes.  

Jigga WHA?


Potholes in my molecules

And you thought I forgot Alice and got all ADD.  Well, I did the latter, not the former.  Getting character sketches together for a big fat giant sheet o' Alice.  The size of your mom's face!  Oooh snap.  Wait...it's probably gonna be bigger than that.
Anyway here is a tiny little drawing of her.  It is, in actually, really tiny in the sketchbook.  IN WHICH, by the way, never rush when you buy a sketchbook.  I got stuck with the smooth plastICKY pages, and it's too late to turn back.  It makes me sad, and yet I am forcing myself to use it because....because I am a shameless sado-masochist.  There.  Now you know something about me.  Too much?


Harbinger of Doom (and possibly justice)

Matty + I give each other matching projects (cause we're good like that).  This assignment was to design a prophet of doom, but be not so obvious about it (my mind automatically goes to the crazy guy on the street screaming- see here) BUT since this has to be more creative than that:



Less wench and more hench

So, this was the idea that I didn't have time to do but did anyway.

By the way my favorite characters: Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarface, and Babydoll.   To make it 5: Ra's al Goul.  Sweet.


le sigh

I had this other most excellent idea for Harley Quinn but I have lots of other (freelance related=money related) stuff to do so I got lazy and did this.  I should not be spending my time doing fun things but I can't help myself.  I get ideas and I need to do them all right away for some reason.  I don't get bored, I get distracted and full of ADD.  Then I eventually come back to things.  Anyway.  Harley Quinn (who is totally in the top 4 favorite characters of Batman.  Can you guess the other 3?)


The Truth About Bats

....what can I say.  I love me some batsy. 


And when you reach the end...stop.

M. Hatter.  Size relation.  On to the Cheshire Cat.


Domo Arigato

So, I keep traveling back and forth with the Industrial Alice project.  It pours forth one second, the next I am stumped.  It has turned into basically a brand new story, sharing the same kind of characters and general outline, but is no where CLOSE to Lewis C.'s original.  Which what would be the point in redoing it that way anyway?  It has been done enough.  So, that being said, I designed the "futuristic" march hare.  I love me some robots.  The whole premise here, however, is that the M. Hatter  is a lonely, genius inventor, and his "hare" is his robot companion (in which he built himself for company), but his software never quite took.  I haven't designed M. Hatter yet, but I have a good idea as to what he will look like.   I also have an excellent idea of the sort of environment.  Anyway, here he is.  He IS the modern man, after all.


A is for Anna!

So I have a new logo.  It has more to do with character than it does illustration I feel.  PLUS new character study here too.  I know it is borderline illustration but whatever.  I do what I want.


The Anna v. mechanical doohickies

My dumb scanner broke.  I have a couple true enemies in this world, one of them being printers (ask Kinko's, things go haywire when I walk in no joke) and the other being SCANNERS.  This is the third scanner in 2 years.  IN 2 YEARS!  These things are supposed to last for more than that.  Ugh.  ANNA SMASH!!  ANNA HATE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTIES!  WHY THEY LIMITED?  THAT ALMOST LIKE OXYMORON!  On that note,  if I were the hulk I would throw angry squirrels at people.  Everyone is frightened of angry squirrels, but loves them enough not to do anything but try to unsuccessfully swat them away.  It's true.....so...anyway....here is the Queen of Hearts.  I can't help but every time I look at her I think "you sassy bitch" in a bemused voice.  Seriously.  Every time I think that.  Mm-hmmmm!    



girl talk.

So, it's been a while.  I have been doing lots of stuff.  I learned a bit of flash (to be seen later), I worked on 3d projects (you know, like stuffed pb+j sandwiches).  I did everything but go on the computer (the flash part doesn't count.  I took an INTENSE workshop, and the laptop I was on had no internets)
  Anyway, after much thought, I decided my redesign of Alice and co. needed to be redesigned.   I asked myself who I was gearing towards, which was gaming, more realistic, blahblah.  But instead I am going down a route that is more geared towards something/somewhere not so dark.  (surprise!)  The storyline is the same, the environments, just the characters (minus the tweedle bros.  I like them) being redesigned.  So here is Ms. Alice.

Whatever.  I am working again.  It's nice.  I feel better for once.  Expect more soon.


Box castle time!

I am moving so there won't be any updates until I settle in.  I have so much crap.


Rabbit Habits

Oi oi oi!  Boondock Saints is on, stirring my need to be rebel rousing.  Oh Willem Dafoe, you are such a good crazy person.  Makin out with blokes, hiding guns in your purse.  Only to be just. like. you.
Anyway, here is the Alice turn around.  Sorry it's so tiny ::

I am possessed!  
In nomine Patri Et Fili Spritus Sancti.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Environment thumbnail #2.  These will be all together on the same page, of all the places Alice will be.  Then there will be a final environment, more detailed than these.  This particular environment is a scene of Alice emerging from the rabbit hole.  I have not put her in it yet, just like the other one.  I am waiting for that.  The white rabbit in this spin is in actuality a diety of a forgot and destroyed civilization.  Notice the juxtaposition of the climbing trees eating the ruins vs. the pipe forest?  Eh?  Eh?  

Anyway off to do more.  


The sun is like a toy balloon (all in a golden afternoon)

And it's spring finally!  Flowers and bunnies and evil squirrels that mock my cats by eating in front of the window.  My toes want to be free, and I hate socks, and I am itching to break out the sandals.  Anyway.  Here is my first THUMBNAIL (n-o-t final) for Alice's environment ::

I haven't added her yet.  Guess where she goes!  It's like the opposite of Where's Waldo.

Here is the final color comp for the Tweedle Brothers.  They get an environment too.  This project keeps getting bigger + bigger.  Always in motion is the future.  (haha lame Star Wars joke.  you know you love me so shut up.)

I am really happy with the way they came oot.  Tomorrow I hand draw Alice + the queen to match the feeling this color study has  (which means, I have chosen finally the style of this damn story).
Next for Anna ::  pillow time.  Remarkably like hammer time.  Except with pillows. 


Tweedle Doo, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle You, Tweedle Me

So I had to do it.   I just...I just had to.  I made the tweedle brothers.  Except, of course, with a twist.  Siamese twins (mwahaaahahaha!!?!) Yes, well, it is in the future and also it is all industrial which means at some point there was some sort of leakage of pipes, or whatever happens when things contaminate things and people....when you get babies in jars with one eyeball.  The research was super fun with this one.  And I am not even kidding.  So enough talking, I do that too much. 
My favorite.  Just imagine the way they would walk and tumble aboot!  Oh, joy! 

Also another one that motion would be amusing.  Mm-Hm.  Be intrigued.

I dont have it in me to do kittens/jesus/jesuswithkittens calenders. Only if they are evil/mutant/robot kittens with a vampire/zombie/ninja jesus.  I could jump on that boat.
It should also be known that the decision has been made that one of them will be intelligent and the other, notsomuch.  SO you should picture in your head the first drawing, the top being smart-ish, the bottom being stupid and dancing aboot and making noises while the top one is trying to get work done.  Hilarity ensues!  Makes me oh so full of giggles.
And I love being full of those.


I'm telling you

I have a problem.  I must get lots of things done.  Projects, projects, projects.  
My parents came up 10 days ago, left today.  I got absolutely no work done, but it was worth it.  Ok, thats kind of a lie that I didn't get anything done.  We went up to North Dakota and damn if I forgot my nice camera.  SO many abandoned buildings to explore.  Anyway, my grandpa is master of all things wood related, so we (together, mind you, even though I am terrified of saws because of how accident prone I am.  Side note:  I picture my fingers being chopped off, flying in all directions, and one of them flies up right into my eye and now I am eye-less and fingerless) NEVERtheless out there in the shop cutting up boards and plexi-glass (another side note: burning plastic is no fun to cut ohmygod.) to make give away portfolios.  These are way too much work.  Simple in design, incredibly complicated to put together.  I will post photos later. But I did get that stuff done.  And I got to see my mom!  I love her and we bawled whenever we thought of parting.  Lots of cuddle time that I needed.  It's so empty in my apartment though, so I have my tv and itunes on at the same time.
In the meantime, lots of stuff to do on the Industrial Alice project.  Must come up with more creative name than that.  Let me know if you have ideas.  Here is a boring color study of the queen of hearts.  I.E. JUST a color study, I dont think I have decided on that face yet...same with Alice.  What I really need to do is decide what this is for...movie?  Game?  It matters.  Cause its too....human?  They are too fashion model.  Im going to work on that next.
Anyway here is the final color study.  After MANY.  Enjoy.  

p.s. Its good to be back.


I heart.......hearts?

Why are evil people so much fun to draw?  I mean, yes.  Yes they are.
So here is a short story::   I sent Mattytattatwaitinthebushesandshootyouintheface an 8-bit song (know that out of the hundred or so things I am obsessed with, 8bit is in the top 5) and he said it matched strangely to the Alice I had created.  And it was true.  So when I was working on the Queen of Hearts silhouettes I was listening to M83 + Grizzly Bear.  There is some kind of weird connection here to how stylistically music rules how I draw.  Or maybe its just because I am awesome. *raises eyebrow* So here are my two favorites::
This one is my favorite <3>

I was trying for the burlesque look.  Just imagine it without the top hat.  That was vitoed.

Anyway.  Expect more updates shortly.  I have to go back and do turn arounds for all these bitches.  Also expect:: White Rabbit designs, MAYBE tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb, and MOST definetly the mad hatter and the march hare.  They are robots.  OH YES. Muwahahahaha.


Malice in wonderland?

No.  That's a band.  Cause I looked it up just in case I was breaking the copywrite rulez.  Beeeecause it sounds super kewl.  "Malice in Wonderland".  Sigh.  Not to be. So something more creative I suppose.  So anywho years ago I did some AWEFUL illustrations.  I mean aweful.  So bad.  See below.  Mind you, there are two more WAY worse than this.  Yes!  Three full illustrations.  Sweet.  (This is the spread.  Note the comic page insert.  Even then I loved me some comics)::
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA oh god *cries*.  So the idea was an "industrial" Alice in Wonderland.  Alice of the fewchah!  Since I was still in school (and very EARLY on in art sk"cool" mind you) I totally admit to being one of those people that was like "stupid traditional illustration!  I want to be different! Screw puppies and damn Rockwell!" yes, but.  Crying mascara.  A girl wearing a tie with emo hair?  WHATEVA.  What the hell was I thinking.  I was still a teenager?  Can that be my excuse (please?) I can laugh at myself now but you can totally tell i put work into this shiz.   Meaning I totally took myself WAY to seriously.
  Anyfreakinway, I must admit that I still love the concept.  I mean, the marriage of future industrial world with pipes and robots + whimsical Alice in Wonderland?  Holy bananas.  You can't tell me my mind/heart weren't totally in the right place, but unlike alot of artists born with the natural abilities to shit out great artwork, I had to work hardco' at mine.  Sooo, for my next project::
Note :: She has a hoodie + also her cowl covers her face.  Because it's all smoggy in the future.  I'm guessing.  OH and she has three pony tails.  Why?  Cause the last concert I went to I wore three ponytails and I got hit on twice.  TWICE.  
(p.s. I totally have a little bit of goth kid in me still.  Don't tell nobody.)


my chair + I are of one being

As is my wacom tablet pen and my hand.  Which my hand looks suspiciously like a claw.  And also thanks to my glass computer table I have a battle wound from going back and forth back and forth on my wrist, drawing.  Yes, I declared WAR on this environment.  Who came out victorious? ME!  My first "real" environment!  Not flat, lovingly rendered, and tediously detailed...oi.  4 days.  the first day was all for finding reference of seaweed.  the reason it took so long is because actually its KELP that grow in massive mounds like that.  who knew? (besides smart people and marine biologists) so first day the KELP kicked my ass, second and third day the jellyfish won.  cause there was...so...many...of them....uhhhh....not to mention I did not sleep both of those days in order to get it done by Monday.  So today ( I did not sleep last night either) I kept on truckin.  I was committed.  And it helps if insomnia plays into it.  So yes.  Here just look ::

Yes.  I wish you could see the detail up close, in all its environmentally goodness.  yay, complicated lighting.  ugh.  thats it.  Im going to go lay down.