Ahhh, one more redo. More like visual organization of colors and shapes. Totally better, makes me feel better. Time for the bed.

Real quick like

There is an unexpected deadline! Here is a new composite of our lovely octopus friend. I AM doing new stuff, but only because its redoing things in a better way.
After I do this stuff, I am doing more actual new stuff. So I haven't gone back to Posey Knows Best yet, but I was just touching stuff up. <3


I do love cats.

Look I found an old Quinn magazine cover from the 60's. Weird, right? No but seriously, folks. I have a computer. I hope it keeps working. I lost everything. Most of everything. My backup failed on me, man. No original art files, no nothin.
Luckily its not game over. I am back to the Quinn project in full force. I never left it, I just digressed. I have a painting, too, for a movie called "DEEP TROUBLE". You will see that when I am done bonding with Frankie.
In the meantime, expect either Quinn related things or Halloween related things. But do not expect nothing. I am sick of nothing!

So, back to the photoshops.


This is what is sounds like when anna cries

My computer is officially kaputnik. Thats why I haven't been a-postin', or doing anything on the internets at all really. I am currently waiting for my new (PC...) computer, which is not new, but old parts that my brother will be putting together so I can use the photoshop and the webbernets again. His name shall be Frankie, because hes a frankenstein of a bunch of other computers. Maybe I will spraypaint the case green. Hopefully this will be soon. In the meantime, I am painting and drawing so there will be a great big cache of stuff to show whenever I get my lovely frankie.
So, it is only appropriate to do a euligy here, please bow your heads:
May my trusty mac, Elton, R.I.P. He was a good computer, despite all the new Harddrives I had to install. I will miss his sleek white exterior, his great way of avoiding viruses, and the glorious chorus of angels that sang everytime I turned him on. May the computer gods be kind to him, and may his design always be remembered.


Hey Brah

Sex waxin' the boards, hittin the tubes, scopin' for wahinis.
I only know surfer slang because of Michael McKean in Earth Girls are Easy.
Anyway.  Posey's Papa Poseidon



The dog just put his nose in my armpit.  It surprised me so much I had to tell you about it.

OH! and his name is Otto.  Props to Matty for the inspiration.


In French we say Couleur

Her school's mascot/team/whatever...its the Trojans.  And the rival?  Did you guess the obvious?  It is a kids show after all.  The Titans.  I am pretty sure there is a dab of irony somewhere in this.


Line Up

In order:
Pan - Posey's best friend
Medusa - One of the popular, bitchy girls
Posey - (holla)
Athena "Tina" - Part of Posey's posse
Artemis "Emi" - Also part of Posey's posse
Color next?  Maybe?


Posey Knows Best

So  hey, hows it going?  How's your mom?  Remember I said I was working on two projects simultaneously?  Yeah well, this is totally the other one.  Her name is Posey, daughter of Poseidon (ha get the name?  I am clever.)  and she lives on land and in the ocean.  Her best friend is Pan (half goat bwaha) and she has a pet octopus who goes with her everywhere.  Or tries to, he is an octopus after all.  Her natural enemies are the popular kids: Aphrodite, Scylla and possibly Achilles. Outcasts of school are Pandora, Artemis,  Hermes. She is friends with Athena, who is a nerd.  So I have plans, as usual.  But only sketches of both Posey and her Octopus, who I dont as of yet have a name for.  Its better working on both of these at once.  My goal is a more cartoony feel, as I haven't at all done that in a long time.  Anyway.


mid century man

I think I might name him Everett?  Nothing is solid really, its all still in pencil stages even.  Hes the main male character, but totally not the most important person in the story.  Hes a side character more than anything.  I like that I kept drawing him worried without meaning to.  He must have anxiety issues.  Maybe I'll draw him a psychiatrist with a tiny little prescription pad and a dusty fake plant.  He can cry into her shoulder pads.

boy howdy

Here is the main bad guy character.  My thoughts for her were this:  actress turned fashion designer (craaaazy woman) who hates all things beautiful cause shes totally a big raisin.  I havent concretely figured out her name but its something like dita von dita or something von something.
She hates children and has two pet ferrets she wears around her neck like they were furs.  Remember the eels in the little mermaid?  They are like those.  But the best part is that she dresses them up too, and they hate it(and comedy ensues{?}).  I havent figured her body yet but its full of that old person body type that seems to be a mixture of awkward pooch and bony corners.  So her face is figured out.   This project seems to be about outfits now.  What the hell?


I love your face(s)

So...hows it going?  You miss me?  I missed you.  I thought about you often.  
I just moved....a month ago...but I promised myself no fun stuff until I found a job.  Which I did...at Andrew Christian.  He is one of the designers from The Fashion Show on Bravo.  I do things for him, most of it involving photoshopping muscly models.   I totally like it so far.
SO ANYWAY I started doing stuff immediately for my portfolio.  I have a TON of stuff to show.   I have two projects that I am moving back and forth from.  The Quinn Project, which I have a bunch of stuff planned, and another currently untitled project that is more Cartoon friendly, i.e. television not movies.  Its a little girl (I am leaning towards Olivia as a name but I kind of want a really weird name, maybe an object, like Apple) and her best friend who is an octopus.  I am going to show all the Quinn project stuff first.  These are 3 henchmen of the main bad character.  Process.  The bottom three are the final faces, and the numbers correspond to their silhouette.  So expect POST EXPLOSION!  HANDLE IT!


Well, you know how it goes

Been super focusing on getting a job lately, interviewing, sending out, dropping off, etcetera, etcetera.  I finally got some down time to just finish a quick Quinn pose.  Things are winding down and now it is time for the dreaded waiting game.  Worst.  Game.  Ever.


Hokey Oakley

I redid the Oakley poster (I kind of was not happy with the other one, and decided it needed an overhaul.)  Not sure if I am 100% on this one, but I like it better reguardless.  Sure shot, or a blank shooter?  It's up for debate.



Tomorrow loft

In the future, there are flying cars + microwave technology, self cleaning ovens and computers the size of a closet!  Exciting.
Here is Quinn's loft apartment living room.  I could live here if it existed in other places than my mind.
p.s. there will be pictures on the walls...but they are movie posters of Quinn and that is my next thing to do.  So deal, holmes.


Oh snap

Her thieving outfit in which she runs amuck and pillages evil CEO/politician bungalows of beautiful + rare artifacts that were taken from their original owners.  Among other things. I think it would be amusing if one of the things she recovers is a rare cheese in which it's made of something hard to find but kind of awful, like the ground bone of an ancient ruler or something, and has to return it to the monastery it was stolen from.  I can see it in my brain, the whole hilarious episode.  Can't you?  Say yes.


New project time

My new project, since I am done with the Africa project:  Quinn Starling, known as "The Darling of the Cinema", is an actress who is in many popular films.  She often graces the covers of top magazines.  At night, Quinn becomes a thief "robin hood" figure in which she steals many valuable objects.  Think Catwoman but without the "I steal things for myself too" and less corny and holier-than-thou than robin hood.  My goals for this project, along with environments (think 50's + 60's) is to bring in a strong sense of design, which means I will be doing movie posters, or magazine covers, and to show her in many outfits.  There is more to the story but thats all you need to know, at least for now.  Sorry for the ramblingness, but I am on a roll.