Potholes in my molecules

And you thought I forgot Alice and got all ADD.  Well, I did the latter, not the former.  Getting character sketches together for a big fat giant sheet o' Alice.  The size of your mom's face!  Oooh snap.  Wait...it's probably gonna be bigger than that.
Anyway here is a tiny little drawing of her.  It is, in actually, really tiny in the sketchbook.  IN WHICH, by the way, never rush when you buy a sketchbook.  I got stuck with the smooth plastICKY pages, and it's too late to turn back.  It makes me sad, and yet I am forcing myself to use it because....because I am a shameless sado-masochist.  There.  Now you know something about me.  Too much?


Harbinger of Doom (and possibly justice)

Matty + I give each other matching projects (cause we're good like that).  This assignment was to design a prophet of doom, but be not so obvious about it (my mind automatically goes to the crazy guy on the street screaming- see here) BUT since this has to be more creative than that:



Less wench and more hench

So, this was the idea that I didn't have time to do but did anyway.

By the way my favorite characters: Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarface, and Babydoll.   To make it 5: Ra's al Goul.  Sweet.


le sigh

I had this other most excellent idea for Harley Quinn but I have lots of other (freelance related=money related) stuff to do so I got lazy and did this.  I should not be spending my time doing fun things but I can't help myself.  I get ideas and I need to do them all right away for some reason.  I don't get bored, I get distracted and full of ADD.  Then I eventually come back to things.  Anyway.  Harley Quinn (who is totally in the top 4 favorite characters of Batman.  Can you guess the other 3?)


The Truth About Bats

....what can I say.  I love me some batsy. 


And when you reach the end...stop.

M. Hatter.  Size relation.  On to the Cheshire Cat.


Domo Arigato

So, I keep traveling back and forth with the Industrial Alice project.  It pours forth one second, the next I am stumped.  It has turned into basically a brand new story, sharing the same kind of characters and general outline, but is no where CLOSE to Lewis C.'s original.  Which what would be the point in redoing it that way anyway?  It has been done enough.  So, that being said, I designed the "futuristic" march hare.  I love me some robots.  The whole premise here, however, is that the M. Hatter  is a lonely, genius inventor, and his "hare" is his robot companion (in which he built himself for company), but his software never quite took.  I haven't designed M. Hatter yet, but I have a good idea as to what he will look like.   I also have an excellent idea of the sort of environment.  Anyway, here he is.  He IS the modern man, after all.


A is for Anna!

So I have a new logo.  It has more to do with character than it does illustration I feel.  PLUS new character study here too.  I know it is borderline illustration but whatever.  I do what I want.