The sun is like a toy balloon (all in a golden afternoon)

And it's spring finally!  Flowers and bunnies and evil squirrels that mock my cats by eating in front of the window.  My toes want to be free, and I hate socks, and I am itching to break out the sandals.  Anyway.  Here is my first THUMBNAIL (n-o-t final) for Alice's environment ::

I haven't added her yet.  Guess where she goes!  It's like the opposite of Where's Waldo.

Here is the final color comp for the Tweedle Brothers.  They get an environment too.  This project keeps getting bigger + bigger.  Always in motion is the future.  (haha lame Star Wars joke.  you know you love me so shut up.)

I am really happy with the way they came oot.  Tomorrow I hand draw Alice + the queen to match the feeling this color study has  (which means, I have chosen finally the style of this damn story).
Next for Anna ::  pillow time.  Remarkably like hammer time.  Except with pillows. 

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