Tweedle Doo, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle You, Tweedle Me

So I had to do it.   I just...I just had to.  I made the tweedle brothers.  Except, of course, with a twist.  Siamese twins (mwahaaahahaha!!?!) Yes, well, it is in the future and also it is all industrial which means at some point there was some sort of leakage of pipes, or whatever happens when things contaminate things and people....when you get babies in jars with one eyeball.  The research was super fun with this one.  And I am not even kidding.  So enough talking, I do that too much. 
My favorite.  Just imagine the way they would walk and tumble aboot!  Oh, joy! 

Also another one that motion would be amusing.  Mm-Hm.  Be intrigued.

I dont have it in me to do kittens/jesus/jesuswithkittens calenders. Only if they are evil/mutant/robot kittens with a vampire/zombie/ninja jesus.  I could jump on that boat.
It should also be known that the decision has been made that one of them will be intelligent and the other, notsomuch.  SO you should picture in your head the first drawing, the top being smart-ish, the bottom being stupid and dancing aboot and making noises while the top one is trying to get work done.  Hilarity ensues!  Makes me oh so full of giggles.
And I love being full of those.

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