Potholes in my molecules

And you thought I forgot Alice and got all ADD.  Well, I did the latter, not the former.  Getting character sketches together for a big fat giant sheet o' Alice.  The size of your mom's face!  Oooh snap.  Wait...it's probably gonna be bigger than that.
Anyway here is a tiny little drawing of her.  It is, in actually, really tiny in the sketchbook.  IN WHICH, by the way, never rush when you buy a sketchbook.  I got stuck with the smooth plastICKY pages, and it's too late to turn back.  It makes me sad, and yet I am forcing myself to use it because....because I am a shameless sado-masochist.  There.  Now you know something about me.  Too much?

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Matt Swartz said...

There's never too much to learn about Anna! Looks good yo, but I want more, MORE! Oh, and anymore batman pics? We should talk... soon, yeah soon. -Swartzy