my chair + I are of one being

As is my wacom tablet pen and my hand.  Which my hand looks suspiciously like a claw.  And also thanks to my glass computer table I have a battle wound from going back and forth back and forth on my wrist, drawing.  Yes, I declared WAR on this environment.  Who came out victorious? ME!  My first "real" environment!  Not flat, lovingly rendered, and tediously detailed...oi.  4 days.  the first day was all for finding reference of seaweed.  the reason it took so long is because actually its KELP that grow in massive mounds like that.  who knew? (besides smart people and marine biologists) so first day the KELP kicked my ass, second and third day the jellyfish won.  cause there was...so...many...of them....uhhhh....not to mention I did not sleep both of those days in order to get it done by Monday.  So today ( I did not sleep last night either) I kept on truckin.  I was committed.  And it helps if insomnia plays into it.  So yes.  Here just look ::

Yes.  I wish you could see the detail up close, in all its environmentally goodness.  yay, complicated lighting.  ugh.  thats it.  Im going to go lay down.

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