Domo Arigato

So, I keep traveling back and forth with the Industrial Alice project.  It pours forth one second, the next I am stumped.  It has turned into basically a brand new story, sharing the same kind of characters and general outline, but is no where CLOSE to Lewis C.'s original.  Which what would be the point in redoing it that way anyway?  It has been done enough.  So, that being said, I designed the "futuristic" march hare.  I love me some robots.  The whole premise here, however, is that the M. Hatter  is a lonely, genius inventor, and his "hare" is his robot companion (in which he built himself for company), but his software never quite took.  I haven't designed M. Hatter yet, but I have a good idea as to what he will look like.   I also have an excellent idea of the sort of environment.  Anyway, here he is.  He IS the modern man, after all.

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