Ahhh, one more redo. More like visual organization of colors and shapes. Totally better, makes me feel better. Time for the bed.

Real quick like

There is an unexpected deadline! Here is a new composite of our lovely octopus friend. I AM doing new stuff, but only because its redoing things in a better way.
After I do this stuff, I am doing more actual new stuff. So I haven't gone back to Posey Knows Best yet, but I was just touching stuff up. <3


I do love cats.

Look I found an old Quinn magazine cover from the 60's. Weird, right? No but seriously, folks. I have a computer. I hope it keeps working. I lost everything. Most of everything. My backup failed on me, man. No original art files, no nothin.
Luckily its not game over. I am back to the Quinn project in full force. I never left it, I just digressed. I have a painting, too, for a movie called "DEEP TROUBLE". You will see that when I am done bonding with Frankie.
In the meantime, expect either Quinn related things or Halloween related things. But do not expect nothing. I am sick of nothing!

So, back to the photoshops.