I'm telling you

I have a problem.  I must get lots of things done.  Projects, projects, projects.  
My parents came up 10 days ago, left today.  I got absolutely no work done, but it was worth it.  Ok, thats kind of a lie that I didn't get anything done.  We went up to North Dakota and damn if I forgot my nice camera.  SO many abandoned buildings to explore.  Anyway, my grandpa is master of all things wood related, so we (together, mind you, even though I am terrified of saws because of how accident prone I am.  Side note:  I picture my fingers being chopped off, flying in all directions, and one of them flies up right into my eye and now I am eye-less and fingerless) NEVERtheless out there in the shop cutting up boards and plexi-glass (another side note: burning plastic is no fun to cut ohmygod.) to make give away portfolios.  These are way too much work.  Simple in design, incredibly complicated to put together.  I will post photos later. But I did get that stuff done.  And I got to see my mom!  I love her and we bawled whenever we thought of parting.  Lots of cuddle time that I needed.  It's so empty in my apartment though, so I have my tv and itunes on at the same time.
In the meantime, lots of stuff to do on the Industrial Alice project.  Must come up with more creative name than that.  Let me know if you have ideas.  Here is a boring color study of the queen of hearts.  I.E. JUST a color study, I dont think I have decided on that face yet...same with Alice.  What I really need to do is decide what this is for...movie?  Game?  It matters.  Cause its too....human?  They are too fashion model.  Im going to work on that next.
Anyway here is the final color study.  After MANY.  Enjoy.  

p.s. Its good to be back.

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