I heart.......hearts?

Why are evil people so much fun to draw?  I mean, yes.  Yes they are.
So here is a short story::   I sent Mattytattatwaitinthebushesandshootyouintheface an 8-bit song (know that out of the hundred or so things I am obsessed with, 8bit is in the top 5) and he said it matched strangely to the Alice I had created.  And it was true.  So when I was working on the Queen of Hearts silhouettes I was listening to M83 + Grizzly Bear.  There is some kind of weird connection here to how stylistically music rules how I draw.  Or maybe its just because I am awesome. *raises eyebrow* So here are my two favorites::
This one is my favorite <3>

I was trying for the burlesque look.  Just imagine it without the top hat.  That was vitoed.

Anyway.  Expect more updates shortly.  I have to go back and do turn arounds for all these bitches.  Also expect:: White Rabbit designs, MAYBE tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb, and MOST definetly the mad hatter and the march hare.  They are robots.  OH YES. Muwahahahaha.


Malice in wonderland?

No.  That's a band.  Cause I looked it up just in case I was breaking the copywrite rulez.  Beeeecause it sounds super kewl.  "Malice in Wonderland".  Sigh.  Not to be. So something more creative I suppose.  So anywho years ago I did some AWEFUL illustrations.  I mean aweful.  So bad.  See below.  Mind you, there are two more WAY worse than this.  Yes!  Three full illustrations.  Sweet.  (This is the spread.  Note the comic page insert.  Even then I loved me some comics)::
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA oh god *cries*.  So the idea was an "industrial" Alice in Wonderland.  Alice of the fewchah!  Since I was still in school (and very EARLY on in art sk"cool" mind you) I totally admit to being one of those people that was like "stupid traditional illustration!  I want to be different! Screw puppies and damn Rockwell!" yes, but.  Crying mascara.  A girl wearing a tie with emo hair?  WHATEVA.  What the hell was I thinking.  I was still a teenager?  Can that be my excuse (please?) I can laugh at myself now but you can totally tell i put work into this shiz.   Meaning I totally took myself WAY to seriously.
  Anyfreakinway, I must admit that I still love the concept.  I mean, the marriage of future industrial world with pipes and robots + whimsical Alice in Wonderland?  Holy bananas.  You can't tell me my mind/heart weren't totally in the right place, but unlike alot of artists born with the natural abilities to shit out great artwork, I had to work hardco' at mine.  Sooo, for my next project::
Note :: She has a hoodie + also her cowl covers her face.  Because it's all smoggy in the future.  I'm guessing.  OH and she has three pony tails.  Why?  Cause the last concert I went to I wore three ponytails and I got hit on twice.  TWICE.  
(p.s. I totally have a little bit of goth kid in me still.  Don't tell nobody.)


my chair + I are of one being

As is my wacom tablet pen and my hand.  Which my hand looks suspiciously like a claw.  And also thanks to my glass computer table I have a battle wound from going back and forth back and forth on my wrist, drawing.  Yes, I declared WAR on this environment.  Who came out victorious? ME!  My first "real" environment!  Not flat, lovingly rendered, and tediously detailed...oi.  4 days.  the first day was all for finding reference of seaweed.  the reason it took so long is because actually its KELP that grow in massive mounds like that.  who knew? (besides smart people and marine biologists) so first day the KELP kicked my ass, second and third day the jellyfish won.  cause there was...so...many...of them....uhhhh....not to mention I did not sleep both of those days in order to get it done by Monday.  So today ( I did not sleep last night either) I kept on truckin.  I was committed.  And it helps if insomnia plays into it.  So yes.  Here just look ::

Yes.  I wish you could see the detail up close, in all its environmentally goodness.  yay, complicated lighting.  ugh.  thats it.  Im going to go lay down.


Is that...the sun?

It's 7:58 am meaning I have been awake a long time.  But, it was either lay in bed until now waiting to fall asleep and doing nothing but getting aggravated, or stay up and get something accomplished.  This is what happens when I choose to not hear a certain bed calling ::

Besides being highly annoyed that no one can see the immense detail in this turn around, I am quite happy that I have gotten it done so quickly.  Also, on the teevee, Cash in the Attic is on with both Jonty AND Paul!  Lucky me!  Never have I seen such an epic show, it's usually one or the other adventuring through other peoples stuff.  Both of them should, at some point, realize they love me and whisk me away to a fabulous loft apartment full of antique furniture and take turns spoiling me.  I haven't slept, let me daydream at least.  Honestly.  Now to work on the environment.  But not right now.  Right now, I sleep.  I hope.  Being sleepy makes me much too chatty.



hes my epic bad ass boss charictah! Ain't he kewl?  he is not a nice person.  he will have the full extra special treatment: turn around, final painting (look below), character development page, environment.  the whole speel.  I can't wait to do the environment. (hint: it involves jellyfish)  
I am hoping to finish the redo of my thesis from senior year , since I have some time and it feels like personal work, (I am going to post it on Wunderment) whereas I feel this kind of character work is more towards getting a job, thus it is work.  9-5.  or in this case, 2pm to 6am. 




A couple sketches from me book of fun.  I'm going to start doing alot more gross stuff.  Or at least more intriguing characters down the path of...darkness?  Whatever that means, here are some excerpts.  There will be more (and better) ones.  Word.

I think the one at the bottom left is funny.  And way too cute to be evil.  Must revise.