Girls, Girls, Girls

Here is another freelance character design project I did for a studio. It's variations of the same girl, who is "environmentally aware" but "unaware of limitations". I wanted to show a ton of different styles, while keeping it copesetic and vaguely compatible. Also, her name is Kat. So there.


Anna Ampersand Agitation Abound!

So, I am recouping from a week long stay at the hospital, and now I am getting sickness boredom, since I am not allowed to move from my apartment and go have a life until I get better. So what better time to update my poor, forgotten blog in which I do love but have neglected? It's like an old stuffed animal you used to carry with you everywhere, but then moved and it fell behind the bed, and then you were like "Oh my god! I love you!" when you found it. Here is a couple of freelance character designs I did for a studio here in the Burbs of Bank. I will post more in the future (once I have restarted the blog it would be sad to stop again, but who knows the fuchah! If I could time travel forward to see the stuff going down, I would.) This is for a show about a neighborhood with a strange dynamic, with a select few of the main characters selected out. They had a very specific look in mind for the characters, which is kind of nice for a change. Anyway, welcome back, me!