I heart.......hearts?

Why are evil people so much fun to draw?  I mean, yes.  Yes they are.
So here is a short story::   I sent Mattytattatwaitinthebushesandshootyouintheface an 8-bit song (know that out of the hundred or so things I am obsessed with, 8bit is in the top 5) and he said it matched strangely to the Alice I had created.  And it was true.  So when I was working on the Queen of Hearts silhouettes I was listening to M83 + Grizzly Bear.  There is some kind of weird connection here to how stylistically music rules how I draw.  Or maybe its just because I am awesome. *raises eyebrow* So here are my two favorites::
This one is my favorite <3>

I was trying for the burlesque look.  Just imagine it without the top hat.  That was vitoed.

Anyway.  Expect more updates shortly.  I have to go back and do turn arounds for all these bitches.  Also expect:: White Rabbit designs, MAYBE tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb, and MOST definetly the mad hatter and the march hare.  They are robots.  OH YES. Muwahahahaha.

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Matt Swartz said...

Ahhh, now i can see all the detail you put into them! Great job by the way. I really do like the first one, but I love the second one's hair! Oh the possibilities!