The Anna v. mechanical doohickies

My dumb scanner broke.  I have a couple true enemies in this world, one of them being printers (ask Kinko's, things go haywire when I walk in no joke) and the other being SCANNERS.  This is the third scanner in 2 years.  IN 2 YEARS!  These things are supposed to last for more than that.  Ugh.  ANNA SMASH!!  ANNA HATE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTIES!  WHY THEY LIMITED?  THAT ALMOST LIKE OXYMORON!  On that note,  if I were the hulk I would throw angry squirrels at people.  Everyone is frightened of angry squirrels, but loves them enough not to do anything but try to unsuccessfully swat them away.  It's true.....so...anyway....here is the Queen of Hearts.  I can't help but every time I look at her I think "you sassy bitch" in a bemused voice.  Seriously.  Every time I think that.  Mm-hmmmm!    


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