Malice in wonderland?

No.  That's a band.  Cause I looked it up just in case I was breaking the copywrite rulez.  Beeeecause it sounds super kewl.  "Malice in Wonderland".  Sigh.  Not to be. So something more creative I suppose.  So anywho years ago I did some AWEFUL illustrations.  I mean aweful.  So bad.  See below.  Mind you, there are two more WAY worse than this.  Yes!  Three full illustrations.  Sweet.  (This is the spread.  Note the comic page insert.  Even then I loved me some comics)::
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA oh god *cries*.  So the idea was an "industrial" Alice in Wonderland.  Alice of the fewchah!  Since I was still in school (and very EARLY on in art sk"cool" mind you) I totally admit to being one of those people that was like "stupid traditional illustration!  I want to be different! Screw puppies and damn Rockwell!" yes, but.  Crying mascara.  A girl wearing a tie with emo hair?  WHATEVA.  What the hell was I thinking.  I was still a teenager?  Can that be my excuse (please?) I can laugh at myself now but you can totally tell i put work into this shiz.   Meaning I totally took myself WAY to seriously.
  Anyfreakinway, I must admit that I still love the concept.  I mean, the marriage of future industrial world with pipes and robots + whimsical Alice in Wonderland?  Holy bananas.  You can't tell me my mind/heart weren't totally in the right place, but unlike alot of artists born with the natural abilities to shit out great artwork, I had to work hardco' at mine.  Sooo, for my next project::
Note :: She has a hoodie + also her cowl covers her face.  Because it's all smoggy in the future.  I'm guessing.  OH and she has three pony tails.  Why?  Cause the last concert I went to I wore three ponytails and I got hit on twice.  TWICE.  
(p.s. I totally have a little bit of goth kid in me still.  Don't tell nobody.)

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Matt Swartz said...

Hahahahahaha... I totally remember those! You should post the others, just for posterity and to sho how much you've improved! Everything, from your line work to your sense of color, AMAZING!