hes my epic bad ass boss charictah! Ain't he kewl?  he is not a nice person.  he will have the full extra special treatment: turn around, final painting (look below), character development page, environment.  the whole speel.  I can't wait to do the environment. (hint: it involves jellyfish)  
I am hoping to finish the redo of my thesis from senior year , since I have some time and it feels like personal work, (I am going to post it on Wunderment) whereas I feel this kind of character work is more towards getting a job, thus it is work.  9-5.  or in this case, 2pm to 6am. 


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MaMa said...

Now this is evil, not just ugly. But he is that, too! (It is a he, right?) Love your work, really love the website! It is so awesome to see your styles mature. (Not that I really know anything, but I think it's amazing)! You go, girl!! I am so amazed at what you are doing!