Is that...the sun?

It's 7:58 am meaning I have been awake a long time.  But, it was either lay in bed until now waiting to fall asleep and doing nothing but getting aggravated, or stay up and get something accomplished.  This is what happens when I choose to not hear a certain bed calling ::

Besides being highly annoyed that no one can see the immense detail in this turn around, I am quite happy that I have gotten it done so quickly.  Also, on the teevee, Cash in the Attic is on with both Jonty AND Paul!  Lucky me!  Never have I seen such an epic show, it's usually one or the other adventuring through other peoples stuff.  Both of them should, at some point, realize they love me and whisk me away to a fabulous loft apartment full of antique furniture and take turns spoiling me.  I haven't slept, let me daydream at least.  Honestly.  Now to work on the environment.  But not right now.  Right now, I sleep.  I hope.  Being sleepy makes me much too chatty.

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