Posey Knows Best

So  hey, hows it going?  How's your mom?  Remember I said I was working on two projects simultaneously?  Yeah well, this is totally the other one.  Her name is Posey, daughter of Poseidon (ha get the name?  I am clever.)  and she lives on land and in the ocean.  Her best friend is Pan (half goat bwaha) and she has a pet octopus who goes with her everywhere.  Or tries to, he is an octopus after all.  Her natural enemies are the popular kids: Aphrodite, Scylla and possibly Achilles. Outcasts of school are Pandora, Artemis,  Hermes. She is friends with Athena, who is a nerd.  So I have plans, as usual.  But only sketches of both Posey and her Octopus, who I dont as of yet have a name for.  Its better working on both of these at once.  My goal is a more cartoony feel, as I haven't at all done that in a long time.  Anyway.

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Maria said...

Oh Anna, You are awesome. I really like the stuff you just posted. I missed seeing your posts! I'm glad things are going good for you out in CA.

I really like Posey. The other guys were good too but there's something very lively about these that draws me to them more. I wanna see the octopus now!