New project time

My new project, since I am done with the Africa project:  Quinn Starling, known as "The Darling of the Cinema", is an actress who is in many popular films.  She often graces the covers of top magazines.  At night, Quinn becomes a thief "robin hood" figure in which she steals many valuable objects.  Think Catwoman but without the "I steal things for myself too" and less corny and holier-than-thou than robin hood.  My goals for this project, along with environments (think 50's + 60's) is to bring in a strong sense of design, which means I will be doing movie posters, or magazine covers, and to show her in many outfits.  There is more to the story but thats all you need to know, at least for now.  Sorry for the ramblingness, but I am on a roll.


sanskrit said...

I'd do her, and in the end, isn't that all that matters?

Seriously, though, these (and the nighttime models) look pretty swish. Lookin' forward to seeing where this project goes, girl!

Matt Swartz said...

Yes, because pleasing you was all she had in mind.