This is what is sounds like when anna cries

My computer is officially kaputnik. Thats why I haven't been a-postin', or doing anything on the internets at all really. I am currently waiting for my new (PC...) computer, which is not new, but old parts that my brother will be putting together so I can use the photoshop and the webbernets again. His name shall be Frankie, because hes a frankenstein of a bunch of other computers. Maybe I will spraypaint the case green. Hopefully this will be soon. In the meantime, I am painting and drawing so there will be a great big cache of stuff to show whenever I get my lovely frankie.
So, it is only appropriate to do a euligy here, please bow your heads:
May my trusty mac, Elton, R.I.P. He was a good computer, despite all the new Harddrives I had to install. I will miss his sleek white exterior, his great way of avoiding viruses, and the glorious chorus of angels that sang everytime I turned him on. May the computer gods be kind to him, and may his design always be remembered.

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Matt Swartz said...

Oh Elton, how will I remeber you? Will it be your never ending supply of excellent music? Your capaity to hold the wonderment and delight of a bouncing, raving penguin? All I know is that you will be missed. R.I.P. Praise Steve Jobs. Amen

P.S. 000101011100101010110010! - Inside joke between me and Elton ;)