I love your face(s)

So...hows it going?  You miss me?  I missed you.  I thought about you often.  
I just moved....a month ago...but I promised myself no fun stuff until I found a job.  Which I did...at Andrew Christian.  He is one of the designers from The Fashion Show on Bravo.  I do things for him, most of it involving photoshopping muscly models.   I totally like it so far.
SO ANYWAY I started doing stuff immediately for my portfolio.  I have a TON of stuff to show.   I have two projects that I am moving back and forth from.  The Quinn Project, which I have a bunch of stuff planned, and another currently untitled project that is more Cartoon friendly, i.e. television not movies.  Its a little girl (I am leaning towards Olivia as a name but I kind of want a really weird name, maybe an object, like Apple) and her best friend who is an octopus.  I am going to show all the Quinn project stuff first.  These are 3 henchmen of the main bad character.  Process.  The bottom three are the final faces, and the numbers correspond to their silhouette.  So expect POST EXPLOSION!  HANDLE IT!


Matt Swartz said...

I love it. The only thing I think could changes is the actual size of the bodies. right now you have two little guys and one medium. I'd have a big, medium and small guy. But, thats just my own opinions.

sanskrit said...

You work for the panty christ? Wild!

Anna Luther said...

sorry about the size confusion...there IS 1 large 1 medium and one small...the last silouettes of each line are what I chose and didnt intend to have it as a size comparison. ill show that lata