Line Up

In order:
Pan - Posey's best friend
Medusa - One of the popular, bitchy girls
Posey - (holla)
Athena "Tina" - Part of Posey's posse
Artemis "Emi" - Also part of Posey's posse
Color next?  Maybe?


Matt Swartz said...

I'm liking the way all the characters look next to each other, and yes, definitely add some color :D

Maria said...

Fave part? The tiny owl in Athena's hair.

Rachel Young said...

heehee, I did something similar to this with the greek gods... it's a cool concept and I like yours, but I'd love to see them colored!

Matt Swartz said...

I just noticed, are you calling the project "Posey Knows Best"?. Because if so, then AWESOME! If not, then make it so!