obscurity begins, man

To start off, here are some older character designs.  Those of you who have already seen them, you know you missed them <3.
The Inventor. 
He spends many a day in his basement, inventing pointless things, but always for the benefit of the destruction of human kind.  Really, he is such an old codger who hates children and finds himself quite dapper.  I have his library environment all done.  Maybe I will put it up later.  It fits with the patterned style, and at this point I was experimenting with texture as well as shape.

King of Crows.
His story is a lonely one.  He is extremely misunderstood, and lacks any sort of "off" switch of sorts.  The king is exorbitantly angry character who acts on whims.  He seeks love often, but is always rejected, and uses his crows as revenge on whatever he sees fit to destroy.  His hat is shaped like a large, sharp beak in which he uses for intimidation as well as to hide his ghastly looks and he dresses quite garishly for the same reason.  I liken him to a sort of Captain Hook character. 

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Lsdinc said...

I really like this character. Along with most of your other characters I really like your free forming way of creatign them it is almost like free assosition, cant really find the words I'm looking for today. I really like the way they seem so organic and you just seem to let your imagination flow.