So, I recently got married.  Being an artist, I HAD to create a whole bunch of printed material.  Also, being into many things, my husband and I decided to have a cosplay wedding.  We called it FANTASTICON 2014.  The concept behind the wedding is just as ridiculous as we are, AND it was an amazing excuse to have everyone come in costumes.  Not like you need an excuse.  Ever.

For FANTASTICON, we decided that we were a pair of actors who were most famous for playing Joker and Harley Quinn in a movie adaptation of "Mad Love".  Being huge Batman fans, and I am talking Bruce Timm/BM:TAS and comic book Batman, we had to go as two of our favorite characters. The movie was so popular that the executives decided to create two sequels - "Upside Clown" and then the gritty, exploitation film "Jokes On You".  As a cosplayer going to FANTASTICON, you are coming to see us, the actors, dressed up as our characters, who just happen to get married at the convention as a little treat.  A little complicated, but whatever, it was very us.

Here are the logo, invites, posters, and some of the signage I created for the event.


Karaly said...

This is incredibly detailed and delightful! My kind of wedding!

Lock Smith said...

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