Zuri in the water

 I don't draw naked people often, I think that will change.  Nakedness is good, no?  Or at least bathing is.  Delicious cleanliness.  

In other news: While researching, names that stuck out to me as being quite excellent:  Ho, Hobo, Titi, and Yaa. Not to mention one of the meanings of some name I don't remember: "one who was a mistake."  Thanks mom and dad! Loves you too!  I'll be sure to tell my sister "one who is ugly" to gather grain for a celebration later.



Oh snap!  Second painting finally done.  There was a fiasco involving a logo and then something about some kind of tshirt design?  And then trips to the library?  And a bunch of drag shows? And maybe issues with other things Icarenottomention?
I DON'T KNOW!  I had a premature senior moment.  A post-pubescent moment.  And now that moment has past and I can continue doing fun stuff.  Hurrah!


Early Morning Walk

This bitch is in Acrylic.  You KNOW when the last time I painted in Acrylic was?  January 27th.  But BEFORE that?  Forever ago!  Holy bananacreampien'puddin!  But anyway it was fun, full of what Matty calls "splendiforousness".  Indeed.