One two Tree!

Here is a taste of the stylization of how the environments are gonna be. Is it a delicious taste?  Is it full of splendor?  Seems like this would taste like popcorn.


It is, what, 29 degrees now? For realz?

It's Florida!  I am not prepared!  My poor fingers are little blue frozen pigs without blankets.  And why, for once, did that image come up big?  Damn it.  Someone will pay...someday.  SOME DAY.


Savannah Matte Painting

It has been a while since I have painted realistically in Photoshop.  This piece took longer than I would have guessed, but I like the outcome.  Oh boy.  It's that one environment.

p.s. Never again do I want to draw bushes or grass.  Ever. Again.


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thank you <3


Oh, and

Here is my sketch for the next Digital Painting.  It's cinematogrific!

Casa Dos, Tres, Quatro

2008 we really hate, 2009 we're feelin fine.  That is my motto, suckaz.
Despite the hours that it took me to come with that nonsense,  I have been busy...DRAWING.  What else?  What else IS there?  Nothing.
So here are a FEW of many (so so many) housing designs.  They are my favorites out of the group:

Oh, and hey, if I haven't told you yet, have a happy New Year my brothas.